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Nutrient Injections 

Nutrient Injections are a great way to provide your body with nutrients and vitamins, boosting your overall health. Vitamin injections are better absorbed by the body, bypassing the digestive system before entering your bloodstream.  Nutrient Injections take no longer than a quick, 15-minute walk-in appointment, and are a quick easy way to boost your energy, immune system, and to keep stress level decreased.

Ask for an injection today

No appointment needed!!

Detoxify $25

This injection helps to detox, provides immune support, and acts as an antioxidant

Weight-Loss $25

Looking to kick-up your metabolism? This injection aides with appetite suppression and increases your bodies ability to burn fat

Kick-the-Sick $25

Are you feeling run down, off your game, or starting to feel sick? Kick-the-Sick will help to knock out that cold fast, and help you get back to living your best life!

Immune Shot $25

Boost your immune system with nutrients! This homeopathic remedy is a powerful kick to keep you at your best!

Need improved mental clarity, stress, detox, and overall mood improvement?
Super-B has all the B vitamins to get you a natural mood boost

Energy $25

Hitting that 2pm slump ? Try a boost in nutrients to help get you back in the game

Bringing out the big guy for the
Tri-fecta.This injection consits of Pain, Immune, and kick the sick shots to really provide a powerful punch, perfect for when you feel run down

Pain Shot $25

This homeopathic blend is extremely helpful to reduce pain for overall wellness

Helpful to enhance your mood, increase energy, and great before date night.

Liver Cleanse $35

Help your liver to cleanse free radicals to enhance overall wellbeing 

B-Power $25

Tri-Fecta $75

Bliss $25

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